Protect Your Businesses Identity

To protect your businesses identity make sure you register the various endings like .net, .biz, .org etc. 


Web Hosting tailored to meet your needs

Whether you need virtual or dedicated hosting, we will take care of your needs.  MySQL databases, MS SQL Databases, SSL Certificates, unlimited email mailboxes, forwards, blogging...  We will help you determine what you need, and what you don't!



FREE One year extension included with each domain name transfer!  
For as low as $10.99 we will transfer your existing domain name and extend your service for one year in addition to the existing time remaining.


Frequently Asked Questions?

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Table of Contents

  1. Where do I begin?
  2. What is bandwidth and how much do I need?
  3. Why don't you advertise your prices?
  4. Do you design web sites?
  5. Can I check my email at home?
  6. Who should use ShadeTree Hosting?

Where do I begin ... ?

By contacting ShadeTree Hosting!  The first step we will take is to register your domain name.  In addition to the domain you wish to use, you should also be ready to register variations such as,,, and even  By registering all of the variations, if a potential customer types in the wrong extension, you can still direct them to your site.  It also keeps others from trying to emulate you and your business, or trying to direct your visitors to their own site.  

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What is Bandwidth and how much do I need ... ?

Bandwidth or Data Transfer Size is the amount of traffic your site utilizes.  Sort of like saying the quantity of cars passing through a toll booth.  Hosting providers base pricing partially on the number of "cars" your site will have moving back and forth through its "Toll Booths" or servers.  Bandwidth, along with disk space, multimedia support, cgi, FrontPage extensions, email capabilities, and many other things will be taken into account when we work with you on finding the best plan for your needs.  We will be more than happy to explain these things and go over them with you, or if you are like most people and are already over burdened and have no interest in how it works as long as it does work, we will make suggestions and take care of everything for you.

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Why don't you advertise your prices ... ?

ShadeTree Hosting is more service oriented, working one on one with each of our clients.  We do not provide a basic product and then turn our customer loose with pages and pages of "help" pages and FAQs.  If you know what you want, and want it done without the time and hassle of doing it yourself, we will make it happen.  Our services and products are competitively priced, usually not much more than the discount hosting services that offer very little in the way of support.  We are a small business ourselves, and understand that not only is time in short supply, but so is money. 

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Do you design web sites... ?

Indirectly, yes.  ShadeTree Hosting does not directly design web sites, but we do work closely with a couple of web design providers and integrate their services with our hosting services to provide complete web solutions.  Depending on your needs and budget there are many available solutions.  Website design pricing varies greatly depending on many factors and time demands.

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Can I check my email at home... ?

You can check your email from any internet connected computer.  All of our plans feature a webmail interface, as well as pop mail (for use with Outlook Express, Outlook, etc).  You can use both, or either one separately.  We will set up your email addresses and show you how to access them.  If you hire a new employee and want them to have their own email address, you need only email us and we will create the account - no hassle for you.  If you need to cancel an account, same procedure - There is no hassle on your end, and we will get it taken care of quickly.  This allows you to make sure you and all of your employees have professional and uniform email addresses.

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Who should use ShadeTree Hosting ... ?

Anyone and Everyone...  ShadeTree hosting is committed to completely taking care of our customers internet needs, leaving their time and energy to be directed towards their business/organization, family, and regularly scheduled life.  Whether you don't have the time, or don't have the desire to get into all you need to do, ShadeTree Hosting will take care of your domain registration and maintenance, hosting needs and maintenance, email needs and maintenance, and even help locate a web site designer.  Depending on your needs we can even make changes to your files with simple text that you send us.

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